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Part of the common domestic violence or domestic battery is defined clearly in the California Penal Code 242 PC law.

Heavy penalties of this convicted offense could trigger:
• A state imprisonment between 2 and 4 years
• Fine up to $6000
• Charged as a felony crime
It is also possible for a restraining order to be issued against the defendant of a domestic violence charge and conviction based on the severity of the case with injuries on the victim as proof. The alleged domestic violence victim could refer to the following for further assistance.
• Family law facilitator
• Self-help center
• Local legal services offices/agencies
• District attorney

Restraining Order Practices

A restraining order or a stay-away order is issued against the defendant of a domestic abuse case to protect the alleged victim and dependants against further abuses or violence before the court hearing.
However, the offender may not have received the restraining order or the alleged victim failed to follow the proper procedures to get the restraining order issued by the judge. The victim of a domestic abuse case could request for:
• An emergency restraining order
• A temporary restraining order
• A permanent restraining order
An extension could be requested on a temporary order or an emergency order before a permanent option is issued to safeguard the alleged victims from potential threats of abuse by the offender.

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Anaheim domestic violence offenders have a lot stacked against them with high stakes on penalties and punishments besides social stigma and restraining orders.

However, the experienced criminal defense lawyers for Anaheim domestic violence or domestic battery could upturn the stakes against the defendant with skilled legal representation from in-depth investigations and activation of the laws.