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Costa Mesa Domestic Violence Lawyer

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In California, every domestic violence victim has the right to request for a protective or restraining order against the alleged offender before or after the hearing. However, the victim needs to fill up the right DV forms and be qualified for a restraining order to be issued for their protection.
Qualifications for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order

The victim must satisfy certain conditions the law imposes for a restraining order request with a specific relationship with the alleged offender.

1) Married
2) Registered as domestic partners
3) Divorced or separated status
4) Cohabitants
5) Dating couples
6) Parents of child(ren)
7) Close relative

The steps in securing a restraining order by the domestic violence victim include:
1) Filling out the necessary court DV forms
2) Filing the DV forms before the hearing unless emergency circumstances override
3) Serve the Restraining order on the alleged offender
4) Prepare for and attend the court hearing

A restraining order could be renewed or extended depending on the circumstances which the domestic violence victim must execute before the expiration of the currently valid order.

Restraining orders could be in the form of:
1) Temporary
2) Emergency
3) Permanent

The District Attorney could advice on the nature and powers of a restraining order to the victim of domestic abuse crime.

Defending the Domestic Violence Defendant on Restraining Order
Despite the harsh penalties from domestic violence corporal injury inflicted on the spouse or intimate partner, the offender as a defendant has the right to the best defense available. This would usually be the services of a professional and skilled defense domestic violence lawyer who are well versed with the loops and scope of restraining orders.
The lawyer could exercise:
• Self-defense approach
• Unintentional injuries inflicted on accuser
• Mistaken identity
• False accusation

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