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Huntington Beach Domestic Violence Lawyer

Experienced Huntington Beach Domestic Violence Attorney – Affordable & One Of The Best DV Defense Law Firm Aggressively Getting Your Cases Dropped Or Reduced All Over OC Courts

If you or a loved is looking for an experienced, affordable, one of the best Huntington beach domestic violence lawyer we can help you. Our Huntington Beach domestic violence attorney offer personalized 24/7 free consultation to help you regain your freedom.

The city is well prepared for any domestic violence or abuse cases that threaten to disrupt family peace and unity with its stringent California laws as specified in the Penal Codes 273.5 and 243.

Victims of domestic abuses or battery could request for a restraining order or stay away order from the court to prevent further abuses or hurt by the offender.

Tips in Preparing for the Hearing on DV Restraining Order Request

  1. Have all documents and DV forms ready with copies
  2. Be early to the court for the hearing
  3. Practice what would be presented to the judge
  4. Be prepared to answer the judge truthfully on the domestic violence case
  5. Be prepared to answer the defense lawyer representing the offender

However, a restraining order is not meant to:

  • End the marriage or domestic partnership
  • Establish the paternity of children with the offender

There are temporary or emergency restraining orders which could benefit the victim who has been badly injured in a domestic abuse case.

Impact on the Offender

The offender who is served a restraining order could feel heavy consequences including:

  • Limited to certain places and activities
  • Moving out of current residence to protect the alleged victim
  • Restriction in bonding with children or other dependents
  • Prohibited from owning or using a gun or firearm
  • Affect the immigration status for a foreigner

A violation of a restraining order could trigger off jail time and/or fines for the offender. It is advisable to consult a defense lawyer specializing in domestic violence and restraining orders to handle such complex legal aspects on behalf of the defendant. A good defense on domestic violence restraining order could eliminate the court process complications while easing up the conditions of the order for more freedom to be accorded to the defendant.

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