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Santa Ana Domestic Violence Lawyer

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If you or a loved is looking for an experienced, affordable, one of the best Santa Ana domestic violence lawyer we can help you. Our Santa Ana domestic violence attorney offer personalized 24/7 free consultation to help you regain your freedom.
One of the reasons why most people find themselves dealing with domestic violence charges is because not many know what amounts to domestic violence in California. The truth is that the state makes it illegal to commit battery, assault or any other criminal threat against anyone. However, the charges get even more serious if the victim tends to be your dating partner, your child’s parent, cohabitant, spouse or fiancé. There is a special unit in every district attorney’s office that will proceed with a case even when the accuser doesn’t want to go on with pressing charges against the offender.
Considering that even first offense misdemeanor cases can also lead to jail time, it is important to be aware of what the law demands and the situations which can easily amount to domestic violence. It is important to have in mind that even physical force or communicating harm threats against intimate partners is illegal. Below are some of the most common crimes under domestic violence laws in California.
Corporal injury to cohabitant or spouse – It is illegal to inflict corporal injury that results to traumatic condition. Striking an intimate partner in a violent way thereby causing visible injury or even slight bruising or swelling is considered a crime. The charges can take place even with victims who happen to be former cohabitant or spouse.
Domestic battery – It is also makes a crime to inflict violence or force in intimate partners and this includes fiancés cohabitants and child parents whether current or former. In this law, there doesn’t have to be evidence of visible injury for the charges to be pressed.
Child abuse – This is another very common domestic violence crime. It can result from inflicting injury or corporal punishment on a child in an inhuman or cruel manner, thereby causing injury even though it could only be slight. In as much as it is allowed to spank a child reasonably by a parent, any punishment leading to injuries is criminal.
Child endangerment – Allowing a child to suffer harm or be in a situation where his or her health or safety is in danger is a crime. The situations can be different from minor looking ones like permitting a boyfriend to beat a child or operating dangerous businesses that could endanger the well being of the child.
Elder abuse – Under the penal code it also a crime to inflict neglect, emotional abuse, financial fraud, endangerment or physical abuse on a victim aged 65 years or older. Even though it is a crime charged against caregivers, it can be against any other person committing the offenses.
Criminal threats – Not many people take utterances to amount to crime but they actually can amount to the same. Communicating serious harm threats to anyone with the intention of instilling fear or putting the person under sustained fear, amounts to an offense. The threats can be charged as a felony or misdemeanors.
However, since even the innocent can also stand charged, domestic violence attorneys come in handy in ensuring justice prevails.

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